Step Up Your Behavior and Actions on Race. 

A THREE Hour Masterclass  - Building on Part 1 to support you Staying in Action and deepening your understanding 


Thursday 5th November 2020

12PM PT / 2PM CT/ 3 PM ET / 8 PM GMT

Shirley McAlpine and Ray Fisher are offering this TIME TO ELEVATE - PART 2 Three Hour Master Class.  We know that promises and commitments to moving forward and standing with Black and Brown people only work if they are followed with sustained action. We have been overwhelmed with how popular Time to Elevate masterclass has been which speaks to the desire for change that so many of you are feeling. Part 2 is for you if you have completed Time to Elevate Part 1 and you want to keep moving forward to ensure you

  • keep learning about yourself and about Black and Brown people and the impact of systemic racism
  • take the actions that you promised yourself and your learning partner you will do
  • have a place to answer the many questions about where to put your focus and attention, now that you are aware of all the possible actions you can take each day - and how to stay in action. And now when you do  take action how do you deal with the various reactions and start to grow in confidence as an ally.
  • keep moving forward in your development as outlined in the Helm and ERA model in Time to Elevate Part 1.
  • Follow through on your commitment to actually do something daily in your own life to see the change we all desperately want to see.


 In TIME TO ELEVATE Part 2  we are offering a longer masterclass with the intention to deepen the areas in terms of the ERA model and HELM model with you, more opportunities to continue the guided learning, supporting you on taking actions and helping you stay on track. And growing in understanding yourself as an anti-racist ally. There will be significantly more Q & A time, guidance and coaching for people who are willing to do that in a group space.


We will be encouraging you to stay on track and to follow through on what your head and your heart is telling you to do in this moment.


We have kept the same price for Time to Elevate Part 2 even though it’s a longer session,  because we are committed to continuing to support you.

THS IS NOT A QUICK FIX - this is a start. It requires a willingness to learn and then act. We are working with people who want to change their actual behaviors and this master class is about that. 

Delivered by Shirley McAlpine and Ray Fisher. Shirley a Coach, facilitator and Consultant  for 30 plus years both in the UK and the US. Ray Fisher  coach of 16 years and a  Psychodynamic therapist  for 20 years. Both specialize in the areas of Equity, and Inclusion and leadership. See below for more info.   

There will be  pre work  and post work. You will leave with increased confidence on moving forward with your practical steps to start your anti- racism in action. 

RECOMMENDATION: Join with your learning partner who is committed to changing alongside you. You can work on the pre-work and the post work together. 

We cannot go back - this is the time to do something different - this is the           


Meet Your Facilitators 

Shirley McAlpine and Ray Fisher


Shirley is a specialist in leadership, individual performance, and equality, diversity/inclusion, she has worked with organizations/individuals in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and Foundations including L’Oreal, Open Society Foundations, Civil Rights Corp, IBM, the Clinton Foundation, UN Foundation, BP, the NFL, the Global Alliance for Clean Cooking, Shell, KPMG, NACPM, Takeda, Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and Windsor Leadership Trust.

In 2017 she designed and Chaired the very first ‘Inspiring Black and Asian Leader’ Windsor Leadership program delivered at Windsor Castle in September 2017.

Shirley’s successful Chicago based coaching, consulting practice and online training business works with senior leaders, and C suite executives, with a primary, not exclusive, focus on senior women including Women of Color.  She is PCC accredited by International Coaching Federation. She is trained in Hellinger’s Systemic theory, and an accredited Intercultural Development Inventory Assessor (IDI).

Shirley has spent the last 10 years providing leadership development and coaching services to the NACPM to support the expansion of their critical work, increase organization effectiveness and diversity on the Board.

She is committed to the reduction of infant and maternal mortality.  Shirley has also worked with Jennie Joseph at Commonsense Childbirth who provides maternal healthcare for low income and underinsured or uninsured families.   

She consulted on the launch of the SOROS Racial Equality Fellowship for leaders influencing the racial justice field. Delivering race workshops in midwifery, working with the national Association for the advancement of black birth. Over the years her diversity work has included Delivering Diversity Engagement Sessions to the top 1000 leaders in Shell.  She also designed and delivered the diversity and Inclusion program called ‘Daring to be Different’ for all Partners in KPMG UK.

Shirley launched She’s Got Drive Podcast at the historic Apollo's Women of the World Festival in 2017.  She interviews Black women about their success and how they achieved it. In 2019  She's Got Drive was named by Black Enterprise  as one of the top 20 podcasts for Black women

 She was invited to Buckingham Palace following her campaign to raise the awareness of breast cancer amongst Black women. 


Ray Fisher, MSW, LCSW, PCC is an  educator, executive coach and facilitator who has worked with clients across various industries, including global client services firms, government (Federal, State, County, and City), higher education and non-profits.  For the last 15+ years, Mr. Fisher has helped senior leaders and management teams expand cooperation, improve performance, and transform their organizations through increased efficiencies.  He is recognized for his extensive knowledge in the area of emotional growth, relationship development, and human capital maturity, with a specialty in anti-racism education and coaching. 

Ray has taught a number of courses on race at the graduate University level.  He has extensive experience and knowledge working with individuals, groups, and organizations assisting in moving towards becoming Anti-racist organizations.

Mr. Fisher’s style is forthcoming, connected, personable, and grounded in research-based techniques.  He holds a Master’s degree from Smith College School for Social Work (where he is also an adjunct professor), attended the Teleos Leadership Institutes Coach Development Training Program, is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) through the Hay Group.

Coaching Philosophy Mr. Fisher strongly believes that every individual has an innate wisdom that can be surfaced through the coaching process.  By cultivating a strong foundation of trust and respect, Mr. Fisher helps his clients challenge themselves in ways that result in professional growth/development and personal fulfillment. Mr. Fisher’s style of coaching is based on the understanding that his clients can and will embrace the opportunities of self-reflection if respected through well-established cycles of honest and mature feedback and room for reflection. 

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