Are you looking for a unique and dynamic growth and development offering for the Women in your Organization


Is having your Women and Women of Color employees be motivated and in action in both their work and personal lives of interest to your organization?


Does your organization recognize the value of your people and committed to investing in them? 


Design, Plan & Execute on your Life & Work 

with Purpose & Confidence



"This course is amazing!" 

"I am doing it at the right time as Execute Your Dream has helped me understand my emotions and navigate life since COVID19. I am managing to stay upbeat and focused because of your course.  Execute Your Dream is a tailor fit for not forgetting who I am and what I stand for despite this pandemic. I am so pleased I made this investment in your course Shirley!"  



"Can I say once again how truly great this program really is!!"

 "I cannot begin to tell you the excitement that came from the lessons in Module 1. I could not contain my excitement, my laughter, how much I wanted to hug, squeeze and thank you for this program and your knowledge. How I wanted to show the program to people who too could benefit from it. 🙄😁😘😘😘😘❣️

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH once again, an absolute star has produced one of the best programs I have ever come across.  Much love"


Interested In Bringing Transformation To Your Organization And The Difference The EXECUTE YOUR DREAM Corporate Program Makes For Your People?

This offer has a full cost of $1997 but we want to get this into your hands so we have a 75% discount  and added the bonuses Wisdom Oracle Affirmation Cards and a Gratitude Journal.  You also have the chance to purchase a one hour coaching session with me for $299 down from $599 when you buy Execute Your Dream on CYBER MONDAY.



  • Bonus 1 - Training on Lifting the Limits is an exercise to break the hold of your self limiting beliefs.

  • Bonus 2 - Access to the 'Achievement Arc' - the 5 stages to achieving the results you want.

  • Bonus 3 - When you enroll in the Execute Your Dream Corporate Program you will have Live Q & A Coaching Sessions with an Executive Coach in a private group for additional support and clarity. In addition there is amazing support from your peers.  This is your chance to get your questions answered along with personalized feedback and approaches from me. You will get to hang out with some amazing dream chasers.

  • Bonus 4 - The 64 Affirmation Card deck and 30 Days of Gratitude journal will help you develop your mindset and the daily practice of gratitude.  The simple process of writing down 3 things that you are grateful for every morning allows you to start your day in a positive way. 

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it"

– Dr. Maya Angelou

This is one of Dr Maya’s wisdoms that I live by.  I know there are no shortages of dreams and goals we all have. The challenge is how do we make those dreams our reality?  In this Execute Your Dream Corporate Program you will learn strategies to help you create movement and excitement for your future.  My goal for you: to know more about yourself and more about how to truly execute on what you want in life, with you firmly in the driving seat.

No more feeling confused or stuck or frustrated!

I have taken everything I have learned from being a coach, consultant and leadership facilitator working with organizations for the last 30 plus years and poured it into this program for the women and particularly women of color in the workplace. From running my own business for 22 of those years in the UK and the US to supporting 1000s of people globally with individual coaching, team coaching, working with entrepreneurs, not for profits, and foundations, delivering transformational programs for decades to people on how to achieve their goals and live their life by design, not default.


I have designed and delivered hundreds of successful and award winning programs over those years. I am channeling all my experience, knowledge and results so that I can support your people to  having the life they desire and the life they deserve. And I know that motivated people are creative and effective at work. 


I can't wait for you and your team to join me in this Execute Your Dream Corporate Program. 



When enrolled in this program, participants will have a shift in mindset leading to a shift in the results produced in life and their work. Their confidence will be taken to new levels, and opportunities to create unique personalized plans to achieve their dream life will be provided. They will work on going beyond any fears that may be stopping them and overcoming the barriers that inevitably arise when we set ourselves big goals.


Through weekly group coaching calls for the duration of the program, and with 34 videos and over 50 downloadable exercises, a SMA Coach will guide participants step by step.

This program is about PLAYING BIG and growing in knowing oneself.

The Execute Your Dream Corporate Program blueprint can be used repeatedly, until all aspects of life are as they are wanted to be.

A word to you the participant.....


Corporate Program



1. Helps you put yourself and your dreams first – prioritizing the life that you want.

2. Teaches you how to get to work on making your dreams come true.  

3. Helps you take concrete steps to move forward on the dream you want and deserve. 

4. Your unique personalized plan, in action, will leave you excited, inspired and enthusiastic about your work and your life. 


 Your staff are  guided step by step, to vision your life with inspiring clarity.  

With each action taken, participants gain momentum. And taught how you sustain the change they desire.  So that they end up ‘Living in the Zone'. This means work and life reflects their dream life - they are excelling, have energy and a sense of freedom. They are motivated and excited in work and in life . 

So, if you are ready to finally help the women in your business build a dream life 

Here's how I'll help get them there:



  • Bonus 1 - Training on Lifting the Limits is an exercise to break the hold of your self limiting beliefs.

  • Bonus 2 - Access to the 'Achievement Arc' - the 5 stages to achieving the results you want.

  • Bonus 3 - When you enroll in the Execute Your Dream Corporate Program you will have Live Q & A Coaching Sessions with an Executive Coach in a private group for additional support and clarity. In addition there is amazing support from your peers.  This is your chance to get your questions answered along with personalized feedback and approaches from me. You will get to hang out with some amazing dream chasers.

  • Bonus 4 - A 64 Affirmation Card deck and 30 Days of Gratitude journal will help you develop your mindset and the daily practice of gratitude.  The simple process of writing down 3 things that you are grateful for every morning allows you to start your day in a positive way. 


Module 1

Living Life by Design 

In this module you will create a vision for the dream life.

This is the beginning of having a dream life – being clear on what you want, without the barriers that you normally put in your way. YOU will become excited about the person you ‘want’ to be verses the person you ‘ought’ to be.

You will become so enthusiastic about your future becoming your reality -  this is the start of making it happen. You will work on what it takes to live a life by design, verses living your life by default.  And  start to practice four powerful ways you can be in life.  In this module you begin a daily life changing practice that you will continue throughout the program. 

Module Highlights:

  • What it takes to live life by design and not default
  • Dreaming Big
  • Exercises on creating a dream life
  • 4 Powerful ways to be in life
  • Starting a life changing daily practice

Module 2

Keeping It Real 

Since you have just created a vision for your life, it's time to build confidence in making it happen.

You begin with the important step of assessing the gap and you start to become clear about how close or how far you are away from your dream life. In this module you also start the practice of loving kindness as you work on the art of prioritizing self as you work on your dream life. You are engaging in fun, creative, confidence-building practices and exercises that you will continue throughout the program. I want you to imagine - this is just module 2 - so where will you be in 10 weeks on practicing these empowering exercises?

Module Highlights:

  • Identifying the gap - doing a life inventory 
  • Practicing loving kindness
  • Prioritizing self
  • Confidence building
  • Going beyond your comfort zone

Module 3

You’ve Got a Plan for That!

Now that you are clear about the gap between where you are now and your dream life, it's time to create that unique personalized plan to get there.

Yes, that’s right, you are going to plan out what you need to do to get closer to achieve your dream. You are learning a proven approach which leaves you inspired around your plan and gives you clarity. You continue to practice four ways to be powerful in life.  You are so excited about these practices and you notice the transformation you are going through. You will, by the end of Execute Your Dream, have developed skills and practices that feels ingrained like brushing your teeth. In addition you start to explore winning strategies at this stage in executing on your dream.

Module Highlights:

  • Creating a unique plan
  • Proven approach to inspiring planning
  • 4 powerful ways to be in life
  • Winning strategies
  • You at your best

Module 4

Time to Act 

This is the part you've been waiting for when you move to implementation.

In this module, you will be introduced to the 'Achievement Arc' model giving you 5 distinct stages to achieving results. You will be guided and supported through all the spaces that occur as we get into action. When you know and understand that there is more to action - than taking action - you increase the possibility of being successful in what you are doing. You may have been here before, but this time you have a community that is supporting you all the way. You will understand your patterns that get in your way or stop you, so you can keep it moving. Patterns such as our good friend 'fear'. In this module you learn to transform your relationship to fear in a powerful way. And as a reminder throughout, you continue the confidence building practices that you started in Module 2, and the life changing daily practice that you began in Module 1.

Module Highlights:

  • The 'Achievement Arc' - Taking action
  • What are the spaces you go through when in action and how to be successful
  • Exploring patterns that stop you achieving your outcome
  • Shifting your relationship to fear
  • Continuing the confidence building practices and exercises

"Thank you for creating this course Shirley!"  

"Your course gave me the tools to close the gap on the goals (and actions) needed to live my dream life. I have learned how to manage my negative self-talk and to manage my fear – because you, Shirley have the tools for that! I feel stronger yet at the same time kinder to myself because of the lessons learned in the modules. The weekly accountability calls not only provided much needed feedback on how to overcome my hurdles, but they also plugged me into a community of people who provide moral support."




Module 5

Nurturing Your Dreams by Nurturing Yourself 

You have been working so hard on creating your dream life, it's time  to take a breath and reflect on putting yourself first, second and third on your priority list .

What would life look life if you were to create a loving kindness practice with yourself? What would you need to do to bring a practice of self care truly into your life? SO many times you put others needs and your responsibilities for them before your own. How might you best serve others if you would be better serving yourself? And you understand, at a whole new level what looking after and loving youself really looks like. Sometimes we carry burdens for others that are not ours to carry. What if we could put those burdens down? You will look at and do powerful exercises that looks at this. You gain some clarity about which of these responsibilities are yours and which may belong elsewhere.  You begin a series of practices that truly honor you and transform your relationship to yourself.

Module Highlights:

  • Health is wealth
  • Self Care - the old and the new
  • Putting down the burden that's not yours to carry
  • Supporting yourself asking support of others 

Module 6

Keep it Moving

You will be so excited that you have got this far in your journey to your dream life. 

By now, you have really seen the impact all this hard and inspiring work that you are doing is having. You are surprising yourself on what you are accomplishing while feeling the challenge that comes to sustaining action on the things that you care about.  This module helps you go beyond the obstacles and challenges that inevitably arise and you discover how to create and stay in momentum on any project that you take on. Remember, your life is one big project and in any big project you have to ensure you have the structures in place to get to the finish line. You will discover what you actually work on matters, and the order in which you work on them also matters. Learning a prioritizing approach that you can use in any area of your life will allow you to take a deeper dive into staying in action and achieving your goals. The power of reviewing creates a foundation in identifying your next steps. You also discover how you get in your own way so that you can guard against it happening in the future.

Module Highlights:

  • Going beyond the obstacles and challenges
  • Staying in momentum
  • Structures to finish powerfully
  • What actually matters?
  • Achieving your goals
  • Review, review, review

Module 7

Living in the Zone 

YOU DID IT! Congratulations on getting to the last module of the program and transforming your life. You are truly in action each and every day on your dream life.

You are now in a space that I call ‘living in the zone’.  You will celebrate your accomplishments in this program.  Why? Because you've worked so hard and it’s important to learn to always celebrate what you accomplish - be it large or small. You have learned so much about yourself and a new approach to your life that you will create some guiding principles you can use to move forward. You are amazing. You are inspiring. You are executing on your dream and you are living your fullest and best life each day.

Module Highlights:

  • Living in the zone – what does this mean?
  • Celebrating the wins large and small
  • Lessons learned
  • Guiding principles for your life
  • Congratulations 

If you're interested in having Execute Your Dream in your organization, email [email protected]  


Shirley is a specialist in leadership, individual performance, equity, diversity and inclusion, and has been doing this work over the past 34 years. She has worked in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and Foundations including L’Oreal, Open Society Foundations, Civil Rights Corp, UN Foundation, BP, the NFL, the Global Alliance for Clean Cooking, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, and Windsor Leadership Trust.
In 2017 she designed and chaired the very first ‘Inspiring Black/Asian Leader’ Windsor Leadership program at Windsor Castle. Shirley’s Chicago-based coaching, consulting practice and online training business works with Senior Leaders and C suite Executives, with a primary, not exclusive focus on Senior Women including Women of Color.  She is PCC accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She is trained in Hellinger’s Systemic theory, and an accredited Intercultural Development Inventory Assessor (IDI).
She consulted on the launch of the SOROS Racial Equality Fellowship for leaders influencing the racial justice field. Over the years, her equity work has included delivering race workshops in midwifery, working with NACPM and the National Association to Advance Black Birth; delivering Diversity Engagement Sessions to the top 1000 leaders in Shell; and designing and delivering the Diversity and Inclusion Program for all Partners in KPMG UK.
Shirley launched She’s Got Drive Podcast at the historic Apollo's Women of the World Festival in 2017.  She interviews Black Women about their success and how they achieved it.  In 2019 She's Got Drive was named by Black Enterprise as one of the top 20 podcasts for Black women. She was recently the Chair of the Apollo's Women's network Empower.

The Execute Your Dream Corporate Program is PERFECT for you if are working in an organization and..…


You are wondering about your life and asking yourself "is this all that there is?" You can see that the Execute Your Dream program can support you with answering that question. You want a new adventure and something to get things moving in the right direction. And the opportunity to open up your mind to new and bigger goals, looking for what might be possible. 

You have been unhappy with how life is going, feel stuck and want to make a change. Stuck in relationships, stuck at work, and stuck in unhealthy habits. You need some coaching, guidance and support in getting your life moving in a way that is enlivening again. The thought-provoking questions, actions and being part of a community of dream-chasers excites you. You're feeling that this might just be the place for you to create a life where you can re-spark your joy.

You are willing to put in the work to have that dream life, and you have no problem with investing the time it will take. You want help to grow and have revealed the things you can’t see that are in your way. And you would rather not repeat your past mistakes.

You have a concern that you won't make the progress you want to make. You would rather be finishing the year up, looking back to today, and telling a very different story from last year. You want to be saying that you had some real successes, and that you know yourself more having gone through the Execute Your Dream program.

You feel optimistic about the future and confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 30 days to put it to the test and get started on having your dream life. It’s simple -  either you do the work and create a powerful and inspiring vision for your life, implementing daily life changing practices, confidence-building exercises, including 4 powerful ways you can be in life leaving you with a new perspective on where you are and where you want to be - OR you send me and my team a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole ‘Execute Your Dream’ experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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