Be in a room filled with brilliant women leaders, each a catalyst for change.



Thursday, April 4 -
Friday, April 5, 2024

Spring Place Club,
New York 


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Are you tired of navigating the leadership journey alone?
Are you looking a supportive community where your growth is not just encouraged but celebrated?


As a woman leader, the path is often solitary, dotted with unique challenges and scarce opportunities for genuine connection and growth. You're not alone in seeking a haven to reflect, strategize, and advance your career alongside peers who understand.

By coming together, we create a powerful space to share experiences, confront realities, and strategize for proactive change. Together, we will harness the collective intelligence and experience your challenges transforming into opportunities. Immerse yourself in a two days of growth, learning, and strategic planning.

We see you. We understand.

Who This is For:

: Women, and particularly women leaders, who are ready to confront and overcome systemic barriers, but may not have the tools or support to do so.

YOU : Women who face challenges in their personal and professional lives that leave them feeling isolated. Those challenges could include:

  • The weight of feeling like you're  standing alone in the spotlight.
  • The feeling of being burnt out, depleted, and struggling to even stay motivated.
  • Feeling robbed of your energy by the people around you that are demanding too much from you.
  • Trying to pursue your growth in an environment that can sometimes overlook your perspectives and talents.
  • Facing these challenges alone and feeling the absence of a supportive community that understands what it’s like.

: Women who want to lead with tenacity, clarity, and passion in any sector, whether for-profit, non-profit, or foundation and want to be supported along the way.

We recognize the scarcity of safe spaces for profound conversations, the dearth of supportive networks where we can be vulnerable, and the frequent questioning of our leadership in traditional work environments.

Brilliant Women Mastermind is a safe space for us to be who we are.

This is about professional and personal development and cultivating relationships that empower and ensure you are seen, heard, and upheld.

If you're looking to be supported, treated equally, and to lead effectively within your environment, this event is for you. 


Experience the strategy, care, and alchemy that occurs when women come together to support each other. 

What You Are Showing Up For and
Walking Away With:


Practical Solutions for Real Challenges
  • Get ready for an experience filled with practical takeaways and actionable insights. At the Brilliant Women Mastermind, we're diving deep into discussions that tackle both professional challenges and personal growth as leaders.
Unlocking of Your Full Potential
  • We will harness the collective wisdom of like-minded leaders and turn your challenges into opportunities! With engaging sessions led by yours truly, we'll explore bespoke development approaches designed to enhance your leadership persona and propel you forward.
Build Lasting Connections
  • Forge meaningful relationships with fellow visionaries who get it! This isn't just about networking—it's about building connections that uplift and empower you long after the event ends.
Action-Oriented Strategies
  • This isn’t just about feeling inspired—it’s about leaving with a clear action plan to tackle your leadership challenges head-on. From collaborative problem-solving to personalized action planning, you'll walk away armed with the tools and strategies needed to drive real change in your organization and your life.

Invest in Yourself and Your Success

Ready to elevate your leadership journey to new heights?

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We understand the importance of professional development, which is why we're happy to provide documentation for reimbursement by your organization.


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How the Days Will Flow:

Morning - Connection & Growth

Step into a space where you can connect and familiarize yourself with fellow women leaders on their own leadership journeys.

  • We’ll start with open arms and warm welcomes, making sure you feel right at home among fellow brilliant women, and with me, Shirley McAlpine, Founder & CEO of Shirley McAlpine & Associates. I will be your guide, incorporating my bespoke development approaches designed to enhance your leadership persona.

Midday - Collective Genius at Work

Ever felt stuck or wished for a brain trust? That’s exactly what we’re bringing to the table. 

  • You have will time and space to share your hurdles and watch as they turn into stepping stones through collective wisdom. This isn’t just about getting advice; it’s about building strategies that are as unique and dynamic as you are. Imagine leaving with innovative solutions crafted from the shared experiences and insights of powerful women just like you.

Afternoon – Actions that Turn Insights into Impact

As our time together unfolds, we will transform all that collective wisdom into your personal action plan. 

  • We’re not just talking about leaving with a few good ideas; we’re talking about developing a roadmap IN REAL TIME to revolutionize your leadership style. 

Early Evening – Cocktails & Conversation (DAY TWO)

And because no epic experience should end without a toast, join us in the Spring Place lounge for a cocktail hour that promises to keep the inspiration flowing.

  • This is your chance to bond, to laugh, and to forge connections that last well beyond our time together.  


Depart with a clear action plan, energized and ready to implement your newfound strategies.

Brilliant Women Mastermind is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for change.
This experience is a chance to not only receive, but to give – to pass on wisdom, strength, and support to another woman leader.


For $997, you're not just booking a seat at an event; you're investing in a transformative experience that will reverberate through your leadership journey. It’s about giving as much as receiving, sharing wisdom, strength, and support in a circle of women who get it. 

If you’re ready to step into your power, connect with like-minded leaders, and spark a transformation that resonates through every facet of your career and life, this is your invitation.
Be in a space where brilliance thrives, strategies flourish, and support is abundant.




For over thirty years, Shirley McAlpine has been a pioneering transformative leadership, individual performance enhancement, and championing equality, diversity, and inclusion. Her globe-spanning influence extends from the vibrant locales of the UK and US to the diverse landscapes of Europe and Africa, marking her as a catalyst for positive cultural evolution within various organizational realms.

As the founder of Shirley McAlpine & Associates (SMA), Shirley offers an array of services, including executive coaching, anti-racism, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADE&I) organizational change management, along with leadership development programs. Her dedicated team echoes her fervor for human and organizational development, making SMA not just a consultancy, but a beacon for transformative change.

Shirley's journey is a testament to her commitment to unlocking human potential and nurturing communities to flourish. Her vision aligns with the most critical global conversations of our era, partnering with organizations in sustainability, clean energy, and climate change, thereby weaving SMA's mission with the urgent tapestry of global advancement. Her collaborations with entities like Sustainable Energy for All and the UN Energy team exemplify her dedication to leading and developing strategies for a sustainable future and her diverse clientele reflects the spectrum of her impact, encompassing Fortune 100 companies, nimble startups, and influential foundations. Her partnership roster includes the UN Foundation, The Crisis Group, the Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative, and many more. In a landmark initiative, Shirley chaired the 'Inspiring Black and Asian Leader' Windsor Leadership Program, further demonstrating her prowess in nurturing leadership excellence.

An ICF-accredited coach and a faculty member of an elite global coaching program, Shirley brings a wealth of knowledge to her engagements. Her expertise in systemic theory and intercultural development, paired with a dedicated focus on equity, has enabled her to influence top leaders and spearhead pioneering diversity initiatives. Shirley's influence extends into the world of media with her 'She’s Got Drive Podcast,' elevating the narratives of Black women to inspire a global audience. Her commitment to service is reflected in her prestigious recognitions and volunteer roles, including her proactive work in breast cancer awareness among Black women.

From her London roots to her Chicago home, Shirley embodies the essence of impactful leadership - driven by passion, guided by insight, and committed to meaningful change.

You can read more about Shirley and her work here. 

Are you ready to be brilliant together at Brilliant Woman Mastermind?

When brilliant women connect, the alchemy is palpable, and the wisdom is in the room.



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We can provide you with the documentation you need so you can get reimbursed by your organisation.

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“It is no exaggeration to say that without SMA’s expert consultation, guidance and coaching, our professional Association could not be anywhere near as successful as we are today in fulfilling our mission. From 2011 to 2021, Shirley supported our Board and staff to become a remarkably high-functioning, cohesive, dedicated and effective Leadership Team. She is entirely unafraid of – and highly skilful with - challenging conversations when they are needed, and she has helped us navigate some difficult developmental waters with great integrity that could otherwise have undermined our organization and our mission.”

- Mary Lawlor, Founder & former Executive Director, National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

“From a D&I perspective, as we think about the sense of belonging that we’re trying to create, we know that it’s about the whole person and the whole person feeling satisfied. Offering a program that addresses participants lives as a whole, not just their work is key to the success of our goals.”

- Cecilia Nelson-Hunt, former Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, L'Oréal (Program Sponsor)

"Shirley McAlpine is an exceptional coach because she stands right beside you as you traverse the unchartered terrain on your journey to self-discovery. She has an ability to help tease out the underlying issues or patterns while providing the support needed to bring about change. I have benefitted greatly, as clarity and purpose manifested through our work together. I highly recommend her not only for her skills and ability, but for her authenticity and the passion she brings for every person's, and every agency's full and complete development." 

- Jennie Joseph, Founder and CEO of Commonsense Childbirth, US

“I worked with Shirley during a challenging transition period in my personal life yet a powerful creative time in my professional career. Shirley counseled easily in both realms, helping me to experience myself as an integrated human being and professional, to achieve great business results while navigating through the experience of my husband’s cancer journey at the same time. I appreciated her flexibility, empathy and encouragement, along with her application of expertise and a go for it attitude…all in the right balance for me. I have been lucky to have her in my court.”

- Deborah Brecher, President and Managing Director, Tandem Group

"SMA was phenomenal in working with the team during our Team Retreats. They bring humility, passion and a deep attention to their work. Their dedication to helping people, teams and organisations to fulfill their purpose in life is inspiring.” 

- Dymphna van der Lans, CEO, Clean Cooking Alliance/UN Foundation

“Shirley is an extraordinarily talented executive coach and developer of aspiring coaches. She leads by example, serving as a powerful role model with her presence, authenticity and attunement to her clients, their context & the broader systems they operate within. I deeply appreciate every opportunity to work with and learn from her.”

- Carroll Connacher, Executive Coach & Leadership Development Consultant  

"I wanted to thank you...I've had a hard time putting into words the impact that the work is having, but I can tell you that it is deep, meaningful, and enduring. The course materials, the readings, your presence and perspectives, and the power of community are all working their magic, including improving my ability to hold space for others. This feels important as more individuals and clients are opening up to explore this work, and we are often the first point of inquiry. It is allowing me to be more accurate about what I can/can't do, where I still need to lean in, where I feel comfortable and therefore know how to best be of service.”

- Carolyn Murphy, Facilitator and Coach, C Murphy Consulting LLC

"I known and worked with Shirley for 15 years, and have hired Shirley in a number of very important capacities. She was a lead faculty and co-facilitator as part of a global training program in influencing people through personal impact. This required her to work in many very different cultures (35 countries) and with colleagues trained in different modalities. She excelled at bringing a team together and supporting participants' personal skill development and transformation. A few years later, I hired her to play an integral part of the TCDP faculty. Shirley is an excellent teacher, consummate coach, and a colleague of the highest caliber. When Shirley is present, her high standards, professionalism, and keen eye for dynamics are always present. She never rests in service of her clients; as a result, extraordinary, life-shifting experiences happen. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have Shirley as your coach you will experience support, challenge, and see results, always in the context of the highest ethical standard. She is easily among the top 1% of coaches I know."

- Fran Johnston, Founder, Teleos Leadership Institute

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